About Backpacking Trips in India | Best Group Departure Trips

Imagine packing your essentials into a backpack, ready to embark on an exploration of the uncharted with fellow adventurers. Sounds like an exhilarating journey, doesn't it?

Welcome to the enchanting world of backpacking, where every moment holds the promise of a thrilling adventure.

The art of backpacking isn't a recent phenomenon; its roots trace back to the 1960s and 1970s when the hippie subculture roamed through Europe and South Asia, leaving an indelible mark on places like India, Nepal, and Iran.

In fact, Giovanni Francesco Gemelli Careri is often regarded as the world's first backpacker. If Careri could do it, it's your time to embrace the spirit of adventure.

From its inception, Bhatakna has been dedicated to revolutionizing the travel industry, promoting backpacking adventures as a way of life. Whether you're exploring the mesmerizing valleys of Meghalaya or conquering the rugged terrains of Ladakh, each journey challenges you to discover a better version of yourself. With an array of around 50 backpacking trips, including mixed and All-Girls trips, Bhatakna  promises to intrigue and inspire you daily. 

It's time to ditch your comfort zone and join on a transformative journey of self-experimentation.

For those who crave a deeper connection with nature, backpacking tours offer a remarkable way to experience the most stunning hiking trails and the unforgettable moments that accompany them. Camping beneath the stars, swimming in pristine mountain lakes, and gazing out over breathtaking vistas await you.

A backpacking expedition serves as the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature and take a respite from the frenetic pace of the modern world. It's time for you to take that momentous step—a step that promises to change and inspire you in ways you never imagined.

Bhatakna welcomes you to the biggest backpacking adventure of the year…