One of the biggest and grandest events of all time – Pushkar Holi 2024 is going to be like a storm that hits you when you least expect it. If you have never been to Pushkar during the festival of colors than you are seriously missing out on some of the best memories of your entire life

Celebrate Holi, India’s most vibrant festival in the holy grounds of Pushkar where you can find your share of craziness with lots of colors.

Situated in the central-east part of Rajasthan, Pushkar is a small and very pious city in the Ajmer district. Pushkar is at 15km from Ajmer and around 530km from Ahmedabad.Pushkar is famous for its beautiful temples, peaceful ambiance, gorgeous lake ghats, charming cafes, Pushkar Mela, and the grand Pushkar festival of colors.Celebrating Holi in Pushkar is altogether an amazing experience. Street of Pushkar is filled with thousand of backpackers from all over the country during Holi Festival


Because the moment you enter the town on Holi you will get along with the festive vibe. 

Holi Trip Packages

  • Pushkar to Pushkar: ₹7499/-
  • Mumbai to Mumbai: ₹8999/-
  • Pune to Pune: ₹9999/-
  • Surat to Surat: ₹8999/-
4 Nights 5 Days Available on request Pushkar, Rajasthan
What makes this tour special
  • Pushkar Holi festival.
  • Holi Celebration with Organic Colors.
  • Pushkar World Famous Brahma Temple.
  • Pushkar Ghat Holi.
  • Bonfire Night.
  • Exploring Cafes
  • Camel Desert Safari In Evening (on Self)
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    Holi Special Pushkar Trip Detailed Itinerary

    Day 01 Dadar to Ajmer

    02:00 Pm – Meet team Bhatakna as we are all set to experience the craziest HOLI. We all board the train and settle on our respective seats. Train journeys are always filled with games and interactive sessions. Train: Dadar Ajmer Sf Ex (12989)
    Overnight journey in train.

    Day 02 Pushkar Sightseeing

    10:00 Am – On reaching Pushkar we freshen up and get ready ready to explore the city on your own. Famous places to visit are – Brahma Temple, Kishangarh, Pushkar Ghat, etc..
    06:00 Pm – Later in the evening take part in the Holika dahan and don’t forget to take good blessings.
    Enjoy the beat of the music going around in the local streets of Pushkar.
    Overnight stay in Pushkar.

    Day 03 Holi Party

    09:00 Am – Wake up and fill in your tummy as its going to be a long day. Spread some colors of joy and happiness. Walk through the streets of Pushkar and dance your heart out. The day is filled with dance, happiness & memories.
    Overnight In Pushkar.

    Day 04 Explore the Local Market

    09:00 Am – Wake up and fill in your tummy. Stroll through the streets of Pushkar. Hop & shop for your families & friends.
    01:00 Pm – Pack your bags as we leave this beautiful place. 
    03:00 Pm – Board the train to Mumbai. Train: BDTS GARIB RATH / (12215).
    Overnight journey in train.

    Day 5 Arrival at Mumbai

    The toughest time of all our trip is here – time to say goodbye but with a promise to meet again. 

    New day, new adventure, old us.!!

    What we'll give. What we won't

    What is included in the tour

    • Travel via trains from Pune/Mumbai to Ajmer and back in Sleeper/3AC trains
    • Stay in hotels for 2 nights on a triple and quad sharing basis
    • Meals - 3 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
    • Transfer From Ajmer - Pushkar - Ajmer.
    • Bhatakna Team Captains
    • Entry tickets


    What is NOT included in the tour

    • Adventure Activities
    • Meals during travelling.
    • Any kind of personal expenses incurred by the traveler.
    • Expenses incurred due to unavoidable circumstances such as road blocks, climate change, train changes, etc..
    • Expenses incurred due poor health conditions or on incidental cases.
    • Things not mentioned in the inclusions
    Things To Carry
    • Single rucksack
    • Pair of clothes 
    • Personal hygiene kit
    • Personal medicines if any
    • Shawls blankets etc if needed for train travel
    • Caps,Sunglasses and Sunscreen lotion
    Additional Information

    IRCTC Rules

    • Kindly note that Bhatakna makes its tickets from IRCTC certified agents.
    • We use intelligent AI-based tools like ConfirmTicket to predict the confirmation probability of your ticket.
    • It is essential to note that the tool does not guarantee a 100% confirmation for Waitlisted and RAC tickets and Bhatakna does not hold any control over confirmation of tickets.
    • Incase train gets cancelled or the route gets changed due to any reason Bhatakna will not be responsible and alternate solution will be provided at monitory cost.
    • We advice to book your trip at least 30 days prior to improve your possibility of getting a confirmed tickets.
    • Kindly note that our team members will get in touch with you to provide alternate options for trains where you can hold a chance of a confirmed ticket which may have some monetary difference in the ticket amount which if you confirm to upgrade shall be liable to pay.
    • Incase the predictability tool doesn't work and you get a RAC or Waitlisted ticket, team Bhatakna wouldn't be responsible for it.
    • Incase the participant wants to cancel the train tickets & opt for flight, the cancellations charges would be applicable.
    Frequently Asked Questions

    How far is Pushkar from Mumbai?

    Pushkar is approximately 1060 km away from Mumbai and the distance from Mumbai to Pushkar can be covered in 1Night train travel.

    What all are the things that I need to be aware of during Pushkar Holi?

    Even though the place will highly protected by security personals but there are things that a person should be aware of during the trip such as avoid going into the crowded places during the holi. Don’t intoxicate yourself with too much Bhang.

    Will meals be included in the trip?

    Meals will be provided as mentioned in the itinerary.

    Is celebrating Holi in Pushkar safe for women?

    Yes, it is absolutely safe spot for women to celebrate Holi since local authorities and volunteers keep a regular check on the security.

    What is the strength of the group?

    Average numbers of people in the group are 12-15

    If Holi celebrations will be cancelled due to Covid-19?

    No, as of the celebrations for the Holi are not cancelled and it will take place as it always does. Although some restrictions will be there due to Covid-19 but celebrations are not cancelled.

    What to do in Pushkar on Holi?

    Pushkar Camel Safari

    After spending a good day at celebrating Holi and exploring the town on a camel cart we finally strolled towards the ghats (Pushkar Lake area) and were wandering a little in these narrow lanes which were covered with discarded Holi clothes (smeared in color) everywhere.

    What is famous about Pushkar Holi?

    Holi in Pushkar is celebrated at the famous chowk where thousands of people gather together throwing gulaal in the air, some high on bhaang, and others, on life. The speakers blare psychedelic trance music, which only adds to the ambiance, there's no Balam Pichkari or Rang Barse and somehow, for the good.

    Is 1 day enough for Pushkar?

    You could easily stretch to three if you want to go into the dessert or simply relax by the pool, but two days is enough to see all the perfect places to visit in Pushkar.

    Is it safe to travel on Holi?

    The answer is that Holi is likely safe for travelers as long they are prepared, follow the advice of travel guides and hotel staff, and also pay attention to a few important tips. Keep reading to learn more about Holi's safety concerns and some important tips for staying safe and healthy during the celebrations.

    Which place is best for Holi?
    Image result for Holi Special Pushkar trip
    13 Best Places to Celebrate Holi Festival in India (2023)
    Holi in Mathura.
    Holi in Vrindavan.
    Holi in Barsana.
    Holi in Agra.
    Holi in Udaipur.
    Holi in Jaipur.
    Holi in Hampi.
    Holi at Shantiniketan.

    Where is Pushkar Holi festival?

    Pushkar is a city in the Ajmer District in the Indian State of Rajasthan. It is situated about 10 km (6.2 mi) northwest of Ajmer and about 150 kilometres (93 mi) southwest of Jaipur. It is a pilgrimage site for Hindus and Sikhs.

    HOLI HAI !

    Rajasthan is a destinations which witness a huge inflow of tourists from all over the world. In Pushkar, every year, hundreds and thousands of travellers , especially backpackers travel in order to explore its rich heritage and cultural grandeur. Pushkar​ is one of the destinatoins preferred by most to be visited during the Camel Fair or the Festival of colours. It’s a place where time seems to have stood still since it’s psychedelic heyday,​ where tie-dye t-shirts, dreadlocks and hookahs paint the vibrant shades of town.

    Packing Guide:
    Items of personal use
    Caps,Sunglasses, Sunscreen,Wet Wipes
    Personal Medical Kit & Prescribed medicines if you are on medication
    Hard Cash (subjective)
    Head Phones/Ear phones Eye mask & Ear plugs
    Portable Speakers & chargers Torch
    Book to read
    Board Games/Playing Cards/UNO
    Sports shoes (recommended for walking around comfortably in the city)
    Rucksack and an additional small backpack
    Hand towel
    Plastic bag, to carry your soiled clothes.

    Facts , Tips & Some Do’s & Dont’s

    Advisable to apply Lotion/Oil, makes it easy to remove the color, although they use mostly organic
    Carry only organic colors
    T-Shirts of Men might not last long, it is called Kapda Phaad Holi for this very reason, so one can wear what you intend not carrying back. (PS: It’s safe for the Ladies)
    Although it’s safe, at any point Don’t let your guard down and stay close to your Trip Captain & your friends
    Carry a waterproof Zip Pouch for Phone & handy cash for water/lunch etc
    Beware of Pick Pockets
    Holi celebrations & Hotel are in close proximity to the array of cafe options in Pushkar.

    Pushkar Town/City:  The temperatures during the day are set to soar higher.

    To keep yourself comfortable, make sure you have loose fitting clothes with you that allow your skin to breathe. Carry flips flops or open sandals to keep your feet cool and relaxed.
    Wear full sleeved clothes, shirt or tops, to cover your hands and arms and protect them from sunburn.
    Food is mostly Vegetarian, considering Pushkar is a holy city
    Nights can get cooler, so make sure you carry a light stole/jacket or shawl to cover yourself.
    Do not forget to carry sunblock lotions and water bottles with you when stepping outdoors.
    Take off your shoes at stairs if you are going near the lake at Pushkar. But ensure that someone else doesn’t walk away with them.
    Do not take photographs of locals/tourists bathing in the lake.
    Just a heads up, be cautious while dealing with other vendors at any destinations. If you want to hire local travel guide, do not go with him alone. If you are a solo female tourist, safety is more important than price.
    Be polite, but do not be pressured into making any offering at the ghats. It is not mandatory.
    Be careful of scams.

    We all at the community come with an open mind, however avoid wearing Western-style casual clothes such as a mini-skirt, shorts, tank tops, camisole, or tight-fitting t-shirts as this may be looked down upon in Pushkar Ghats & temples due to the religious sentiments of the locals. As mentioned earlier, the whole of town is considered to be sacred, so whatever rules generally apply to place of worship in India, apply to the whole of town.

    Happy Tripping

    Cancellation Policy:

    Cancellation for Backpacking Trips

    1. Cancellation 30 days before the starting date of the trip — Get your full trek fee back in an Bhatakna Cupon OR get a monetary refund with 15% cancellation charges.
    2. Cancellation between 30 days and 20 days before the starting date of the trek — Get 80% of the trek fee in an Bhatakna cupon OR get a monetary refund with 50% cancellation charges.
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