Beautiful Places to Visit During Monsoon near Mumbai

For all the nature lovers, the monsoon feels magical in India especially after two months of summer heat and humidity. Mumbai has its own charm during this season with heavy showers and the sound of the ocean. Though the city of dreams has so much to offer, there are other places too close to Mumbai, which should be visited during monsoon. Also, thinking about the current situation in mind, there are so many precautions and safety measures that need to be followed while traveling. Even if you're planning for a short trip to somewhere you need to be well aware of the current state of that particular place and you need to choose the accommodations accordingly. Here we have listed out 15 beautiful places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon that are safe to travel post-COVID-19 pandemic

Panchgani, 244 km from Mumbai, is a renowned hill station that is enveloped with mountains, valleys, waterfalls, and dense forests that look majestic in the rain. There are so many things to explore in Panchgani including Kamalgad Fort to Venna Lake, to the local destinations like Sydney Point, Table Land, Rajpuri Caves, and Dhom Dam. One of the best parts about visiting this place is definitely the availability of fantastic hotels that are well-equipped with necessary facilities, properly sanitized and clean, for instance, The Loft Homestay.

Karnala is a small village in Raigad District of Maharashtra that is 47 km away from Mumbai. This place should get priority in your list of top places to visit in Mumbai in monsoon, as drenched in rain, the small hut-like houses, misty Sahyadri Ranges, lush greenery, and the dense forests create a cinematic view altogether. The bird sanctuaries are quite popular over here, and in this season, you’ll get to see the birds coming from all around the world gathering at this place making the place a paradise.

Alibaug, 95.4 kilometers from Mumbai is one of the popular places to visit in Mumbai in monsoon. Even though people go to Alibaug in order to spend their weekends throughout the year. However, the beauty of beaches, Korlai Fort, Kolaba fort, Hanuman temple, and Kanakeshwar forest get better in the rainy season. The view is spectacular and if you want to relax in the hotels, you can find yourself some good deals during this time. You can stay at Outpost Alibaug Resort that offers a safe environment and all the modern facilities.

Kolad is a small village that possesses infinite natural beauties including pristine lakes and gorgeous waterfalls that look majestic in rain and that is why it definitely is one of the best places to visit in monsoon near Mumbai. There are a lot of adventure sports you can participate in like river rafting and trekking that become so much fun while you are there with your friends. Make sure you book your accommodations in advance to get the best deals and the best hotel rooms.

This place becomes more lively during monsoon as the falls are in full force this time, and the beautiful views of cascading water and vibrant greenery add an extra joy to the soul. River rafting and rappelling get organized too, making the trip more fun and fulfilling. The distance from Mumbai is 116 km.

Covered by the lush greenery of the Western Ghats, Igatpuri is a paradise for people who need a quick escape from the city. You can enjoy the scenic beauty around the waterfalls, and also try trekking as it is comparatively easy. Located 121 km from Mumbai, this spot has so many things to offer including tasty vada pav to munch on while witnessing the rain. Rain Forest Resort at Igatpuri is the ideal staycation you’d probably look for during a trip during monsoon.

During monsoon, the dam is in full force that is worth watching along with the dense fog in the region which feels as if you’re strolling through the clouds. It’s a three-hour journey from Mumbai, so near to the city and yet so fulfilling if you visit there during this time of the year.

Among all the best places to visit in monsoon near Mumbai, the charm of Mahabaleshwar is unparalleled. It is referred to as “Queen of the Hill Stations” which is quite accurate because of the marvelous view of the plains and hills covered with foliage. This is a very popular holiday spot for all the Mumbaikars who like to take a stroll around Mapro Garden and enjoy comfortable and luxurious stays for a few days. One of the great hotels suggested by Intermiles will be West Hills in Mahabaleshwar if you want a memorable trip.

Lonavala is a pleasure to visit throughout the year, but the best time to experience its lush greenery and calmness is during monsoon. Spots like Bhaja Caves, Karla Caves, Bushi Dam, and Lonavala Lake look remarkable during this time of the year, also you can indulge in some adventure sports too. There are some best hotels in Lonavala that can be found in which are both safe and fun to make an enjoyable staycation.

Located in the gorgeous Sahyadris, Durshet is a place that can offer you some best experiences in the rainy season. River crossing, nature walks, treks are fun to indulge in during this time and if you are looking for the ultimate relaxation after the hectic week, you can definitely stay at Durshet Forest Lodge A Nature Trails Resort, where you will find all the modern amenities to make you feel at home and give you a safe experience too.

This spot is 99 km from Mumbai and one of the favorite places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon for people who love trekking in the rainy season. The place is blended with a history of the Maratha Empire and Mughal reign. At a height of 1,033 m above sea level makes the place perfect to witness the clouds passing by the valleys around when it rains. This is surely one of the best monsoon getaways near Mumbai.

When it comes to best places to visit in monsoon near Mumbai, Malshej Ghat deserves a special mention. It is situated 700m above sea level where you can go for a road trip from Mumbai while the rain will create a mesmerizing backdrop. The beauty of the hill station gets enhanced more during monsoon, surrounded by the greenery, mountains, and rolling clouds.

Lavasa, 188 km away from Mumbai, is a gorgeous place where you will find a number of spas to high-end restaurants to enjoy. The serene environment of this place is surely a big reason to visit, especially during monsoon. Some top hotels and resorts are there where you can relax peacefully without being afraid of the current scenario. One of the finest hotels in Lavasa has to be The Waterfront Shaw Lavasa that offers all the facilities that you need for a perfect weekend getaway, along with keeping the health and safety measures in mind.

This little village is about 25 kilometers ahead of Mahabaleshwar, 258.1 km from Mumbai that is becoming immensely popular for its scenic beauty and serenity. The monsoon makes the place even more mesmerizing, which is often called Mini Kashmir. Koyana Dam and Shivsagar Lake are some major attractions that should not be missed during monsoon.

One of the most popular places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon, Khandala has the beautiful hiking trails in the green hills. Khandala’s major attractions include the tiger’s leap, the Duke’s nose, and the Bhushi Lake, where you can enjoy the best scenic beauty especially when it rains. There are multiple farmhouses and resorts available in Khandala too for your monsoon trip from Mumbai.