Maharashtra Getaways Monsoon 

Every Year during Monsoon Maharashtra transforms into one of the hottest destinations in India. Deep Plunge Waterfalls, Valley of Flowers, River Rafting, Rain Forest, Greenfields, Raging Rivers, Fog covered hills, Beautiful Historic Forts, Buddhist Caves all call you to spend your weekends exploring monsoon treks. Sahyadri Mountain Range is an adventure seekers paradise. 


Why should you trek during monsoon?

During monsoon weather is more relaxing, trekking will help you connect with nature you can connect with more friends offline. If you want to move away from the traffic and noisy bars head towards the mountains and waterfalls for the thrill of adventure. 

Best Monsoon Treks
Please find below some easy Monsoon treks

Karnala Fort Trek - Panvel
Diksal Waterfall Trek - Bhivpuri Road, Karjat
Sagargad Fort Trek - Alibaug
Kavnai Fort Trek - Igatpuri 
Kondhane Caves Trek - Karjat 
Kothaligad Fort Trek - Peth Fort Trek
One tree hill trek - Matheran 
Dodhani to Matheran Sunset Point trek - Panvel 
Sondai Fort Trek 
Korigad Fort Trek 

Best Monsoon Trekking in Maharashtra | Trekking near Mumbai & Pune
We have shortlisted the best monsoon treks just for you around in Maharashtra. Get into travel mood and get ready for some adventure treks near Mumbai & Pune.

Mahuli Fort Trek Asangaon
Mahuli Trek is the perfect destination for trekkers in search of solace. The Mahuli Fort located on a secluded hill on the western side of the majestic Sahyadri range of mountains. During the monsoon, trekkers may witness misty clouds crowding the pinnacles and lush green forests covering the surrounding landscapes.

Garbett Point Trek
So here we are with another gem, the best monsoon treks in Maharashtra. Garbett point Trek to Matheran, The most extraordinary things about Matheran, are deep forest and the waterfalls nearby, especially in the rainy season. The beauty of the hill station gets doubled in monsoon—Garbett point located on the South-west side of Matheran with a grand view of the plateau.

Why should you join Monsoon Treks Maharashtra?
Monsoon is on its way, and nature starts displaying its beautiful green landscapes, so get ready with your backpacks for some adventure. Are you looking for treks near Mumbai? Here's a list of fantastic monsoon trekking destinations near Mumbai and Pune you definitely must explore. Its monsoon! The best time to wriggle out of your shells and go trekking on rainy weekends! We have shortlisted the best monsoon treks just for you.

Is Maharashtra the best destination for treks during the Monsoon Season? 
Must-do monsoon treks around Mumbai, Get into travel togs, and get ready for some adventure. With the weather playing host. You don't have to go too far from the city to experience the rains in all their raw, real beauty. These are our favorites, Maharashtra and the entire Sahyadri range offer a beautiful sight during monsoons and is a must-visit destination for all nature lovers. Every Year during Monsoon Maharashtra transforms into one of the hottest destinations in India. Are you an adventure seeker explore with us.

Maharashtra, with its Sahyadri Mountains, is an ideal Monsoon getaway location. Company picnics, trekking groups, nature, and adventure lovers. Sahyadri ranges in Maharashtra have some of the best monsoons getaways near Mumbai and Pune, offers amazing trekking destinations.

Kalsubai is an Everest of Maharashtra. Kalsubai is the highest peak of Maharashtra one should try during monsoon to see mesmerizing views. The Raigad Fort, of great significance in the history of the Maratha Empire, is one of the most popular trekking destinations in Maharashtra. Don't let the rain dampen your spirits. Embark on the above treks to forts around the state of Maharashtra for a picturesque experience.


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