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Visapur Monsoon Trek Lonavala - Tour

Visapur Monsoon Trek Lonavala

  • 1 Day
  • Visapur, Lonavala, Maharashtra
₹ 699View Details
Pawna Lakeside Camping - Tour

Pawna Lakeside Camping

  • 1 Night 2 Days
  • Pawna Lake, Lonavala, Maharashtra
₹ 1,200View Details
Aadrai Jungle Trek Pune - Tour

Aadrai Jungle Trek Pune

  • Oneday Trek
  • Khireshwar, Maharashtra
₹ 699View Details
Andharban Jungle Trek Pune - Tour

Andharban Jungle Trek Pune

  • Oneday Trek
  • Tamhini Ghat, Pimpri, Maharashtra
₹ 799View Details
Kalsubai Trek From Pune - Tour

Kalsubai Trek From Pune

  • 1 Night 1 Day
  • Kalsubai, Bari, Maharashtra
₹ 699View Details
Devkund Waterfall Trek From Pune - Tour

Devkund Waterfall Trek From Pune

  • 1 Night 1 Day
  • Bhira, Patnus, Maharashtra
₹ 699View Details
Velas Turtle Festival -1N/1D Pune - Tour

Velas Turtle Festival -1N/1D Pune

  • 1 Night 1 Day
₹ 1,799View Details
Kaas Plateau Tour and Thoseghar Waterfall - Tour

Kaas Plateau Tour and Thoseghar Waterfall

  • 1 Night 1 Day
₹ 2,599View Details

If Mumbai is the most happening place in Maharashtra, then it’s neighbour Pune is the cultural hub and the biggest city in the state. An upcoming IT centre and a fascinating city, Pune has no shortage of things to intrigue the interest of almost anyone who has ever been here or has heard of the city. With being in the proximity of many major cities and acting as a centre seat for when getting to major attractions of the state is concerned, the places to visit in Pune and around will never cease to amaze you with their unique roster of features. 

From treks to Lohagarh and Rajmachi Forts, to the canoeing and white water rafting adventures in Kolad River, from a fascinating Scuba Diving experience to the unique experience of trekking in Andharban, the city is in a proximity of some of the most fascinating things to do in Pune and near.

Adventure never stops in Pune as you can embark on an exhilarating underwater experiences in the Sangam safari and maybe, if you are a daredevil, pay a visit to the Crocodile Island. And even if you are not well acquainted with the adventures around, don’t be disheartened as there are many places near Pune where you can take on things at a beginner level, like the Kundalika river that serves as the perfect place for beginners in rafting or the famous Rajmachi fort which is most suited for people who wish to start on an easy trek

And for places to stay in Pune and around, there are innumerable options to choose from. You can choose to stay in a luxurious resort in Pune or go for a hillside resort in the embrace of Maharashtra’s favourite hill stations like Khandala, Lonavala or Mahabaleshwar for the true weekend getaway from Pune, not so far away from the city. And for the ones who like mix adventure with their stays and take it all to a whole new level, Pune is not going to disappoint you. With options ranging from a camp stay on the banks of Pawna Lake to a village stay experience in Junnar, there is just no stopping the fun that one can have in Pune. Pune is the whole deal, everything around it is just a pleasant add-on, and who doesn’t like freebies, right?