Amidst some of the lesser-known attractions in Karjat, the Sondai Fort is a not-so-famous fort near Karjat, Maharasthra and is famous for getting visitors spellbound with adventurous trekking experiences, especially during monsoons. Used as a watchtower once, the Sondai Fort offers a beautiful view of Morbe Dam, Prabalgad, Irshalgad, Rajmachi, Songiri forts, Karnala Fort, and Matheran mountain range. Book this fun trekking experience to Sondai Fort and unwind amidst the mesmerizing views of the Matheran Mountain range which comprises green landscapes and foggy pinnacle.

Sondai fort is a hidden beauty of Karjat. It is not a popular destination but it will blow your mind for sure! This Fort is a part of the Matheran range. This is one of the best treks to visit during monsoons near Mumbai. From Sonewadi base village it takes 15-20 mins to reach the plateau. 2 adjoined cisterns reserve water. We can have a view of Gavari hill from here. After climbing the carved stairs one can see dried cistern also on the right side a ladder is available to ascend. As the place is believed to be sacred due to the Sondai temple one must take off their shoes and continue their trek. After climbing the rock patch one can see 2 cisterns in which one huge pillar stands tall. The top view gives a splendid view of the Matheran Mountain range. Green landscapes and even foggy pinnacle during the monsoon!

Who Should Attend ?

Best suited for groups, solo trekkers, corporates, couples, families.

Discount Cost for Sondai Monsoon Trek 2023

  • Cost without transport: Rs. 699/- per person
  • Cost with transport: Rs. 1199/- per person
1 Day Available on request Karjat, Maharashtra, India.
What makes this tour special
  • Book this exciting monsoon trek to the Sondai Fort in near Karjat that offers stunning views from 1200 ft. above the sea level
  • Reach to the top and witness the view of Gavari hill and the beauty of Matheran Mountain range from the summit
  • Take part in this trek with an experienced and friendly guide that will be assisting you throughout the trek
  • Traverse through the off-beat trails and climb the steps carved out of rocks to go to the topmost point where an idol of Sondai Devi stands
  • The package is valued at INR 699/- in the market
Dates and Rates
date & duration price
  • Sorry no more departures available. You could get in touch with us at bookings@bhatakna.com if you'd like to make a booking.
  • Itinerary

    Sondai Fort Trek Karjat 2023

    Day 1 Bus: Private Bus transfer

    05:30 AM: Start this experience by getting picked up from Borivali near National park Bus Pick up point.

    Pick-up Points:

    05:45 AM: Andheri ( bisleri bus pick up point)

    06:00 AM: Kalanagar Bus stop, Bandra.

    06:15 AM: SBI Bank, Sion Circle

    06.30 AM: Yogi Hotel, Diamond Garden, Chembur.

    06:45 AM: Pick up Vashi plaza (below the flyover)

    07:15 AM: Kalamboli, Mcd

    Note: The individuals that have booked the variants without the transfers can will have to reach the base village on their own google location will be shared.

    09:00 AM: Take a halt on the way for breakfast and recharge yourself for the trek.

    09:30 AM: Begin your trek to Sondai summit! For Adventure Trek, It’s gonna be a small climb to the top. Make a few halts on the way where you can get a beautiful view of Nearbuy Mountains & Dam.

    11:30 AM: Reach to the top and get a beautiful view amidst the & Foggy clouds.

    13:00 PM: Start descending down to the base village after you've spent satisfying amount of time on the summit.

    15:00 PM: Reach base village and have Lunch to replenish yourselves.

    16:00 PM: Relax for a while and start your return journey towards Mumbai.

    20:00 PM: Reach Mumbai and end the experience.

    What we'll give. What we won't

    What is included in the tour

    • Transportation from Mumbai to Mumbai.
    • Unlimited Breakfast & Lunch.
    • Entry Fees
    • Bhatakna Expertise Representatives
    • First-aid assistance.
    • New Friends made, new Bonds attached

    What is NOT included in the tour

    • Any personal expenses such as mineral water, soft drinks etc
    • Any kind of personal expenses.
    • Any kind of cost which is not mentioned in the cost includes above.
    Things To Carry

    (Highly Required and Mandatory Things)

    • ID proof
    • backpack (waterproof or covered with waterproof cover) 
    • trekking shoes or any sports shoes with a Good grip
    • Trekking pants (compulsory), 2 T-Shirts (Preferably full sleeves or Half T-shirt with sleeves), Raincoat/ waterproof jacket/ windcheater, Handnapkin/Towel, etc
    • Water 2-3 liters.
    • Ready to eat food like plum cakes, Dry fruits, dry snacks and biscuits, Chikki, chocolate bars, etc.
    • Torch 
    • Personal Medicines and Personal First aid 

    (Required but Optional Things)

    • To change after trekking - Facewash, Extra pants/ shorts, Extra T-shirt, sleeper/ floaters, an extra bag to carry your trekking shoes, innerwear, etc
    • Sweater For bus journey
    • Electoral or Glucose D powder. 
    • Portable Phone Charger, Earphones, etc.
    • Sun protection cap, sunglasses, Sunscreen lotion, toothbrush-toothpaste, etc
    • Proper face mask or shield 
    • Sanitizer 
    • Extra Pair of clothes.

    (Note: Please wear Full sleeves and Full Track Pant,  this will protect your body and skin from Sun / Thorns / Insects / Prickles, etc)

    Additional Information
    • There is no freshen up / washroom / Toilet facility on the Mountain only Available at the Base Village.
    • Avoid carrying heavy weight for the trek.
    • Floaters and Sandals are not allowed, please wear sports shoes or trekking shoes of good quality.

    Contact details:

    Sam- +918433663398 Abhi- +918433653200

    • Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/bhatakna
    • Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/bhatakna/


    • The tour is weather-based and depends on the weather conditions. There may be last-minute cancellations if weather conditions deteriorate.
    Safety Measures
    • Put clothes, money, camera, phone etc in polythenes while packing
    • Use repellents to keep bugs away Make note of nearest railway station, bus stop, taxi stand etc.
    • Do not stray away from your group during the trek Keep family & friends informed about your whereabouts
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently asked questions

    1. Can we drive till Sondai Fort location, Sondewadi?

    Yes, we will provide google maps coordinates till the base village. You can meet our team at the location. 

    2. How to reach Sondai Fort from Mumbai? 

    The distance from Mumbai to Sondewadi is 70 kilometers. It will take two hours drive from Mumbai.

    3. How to reach Sondai Fort from Pune? 

    The distance from Pune to Sondewadi is 115 kilometers. It will take three hours drive from Pune on the old express highway near Chowk phata.

    4. The number of days required for this hike?

    One day is required for Sondai Karjat.

    5. Is there food available on Sondai Fort Trek?

    No, there is no Food options available at base village. Please carry packed lunch for this trek. 

    6. How much time required to climb Sondai Trek Karjat?

    Sondai Fort requires one hour to climb; it is a small trek. The summit is small; it would require less than 30 minutes to explore the Fort. 

    7. Where can we park our cars?

    Base Village at your own risk.

    8. Is there any parking charge?

    Yes, the parking charge is involved. 

    9. Is the toilet available on the Sondai fort?

    Not available. During the trek, toilets are not available.

    Toilets are not available at the base village.

    We will stop at the Restaurant for Toilet.

    10. Do Single travelers female sign up for these events?

    We have 60 - 40 % or more Male - Female ratios on our events.

    Many Single Travelling Female join our events.

    11. Are kids allowed on treks?

    Kids below 15 years with Parent supervision only are allowed on the trek. 

    12. What type of food will be provided?

    Only Veg local home-cooked food is available.

    13. Phone connectivity?

    Limited phone connectivity is available for most cellular services.

    14. Is cash payment or spot payment accepted?

    Cash payment is not accepted.

    Registration against 100% upfront payment only via Paytm / UPI / NEFT / IMPS / Payment Gateway / Gpay / Phonepay.

    On the spot payment, they are not accepted.

    We need to book in advance bus/jeep and make other arrangements upfront payment is a must.

    15. Will I get bottled water?

    Normal well water shall be available. Please carry two liters of water for this trek. 

    16. Can I charge my phone?

    No electricity. Please carry a power bank if required.

    17. How is the weather now at Sondai Fort Sondewadi, Maharashtra ?

    Summer Temperature Night 20oC - Day 39°C approx.

    Monsoon rains very heavily please double pack your expensive phones and gadgets.

    18. Can we smoke or drink alcohol?

    NO. People caught smoking or drinking alcohol will be asked to exit the event on an immediate basis.

    19. Can we listen to music on Bluetooth speakers?

    Listening to music on earphones or Bluetooth speakers is not allowed while trekking, Bluetooth speakers are not allowed inside homestay.

    20. How do I make payment?

    You can pay online on our website click on book now button 

    In case your question is not listed above you can email us bhatakna.comgmail.com

    Is Sondai Fort trek safe for solo and female travellers?

    Yes, the Sondai Fort trek is absolutely safe for solo and female travellers. During your trek, all sorts of safety equipment are in place to ensure your safety. Before the trek starts, it is ensured that appropriate first-aid is also carried along.

    You will also get an expert who will take the brief trekking session to start the trek. All you need to do is to listen to the instructions of the guide so that you can safely complete your trek.

    What is the cost of Sondai Fort Trekking?

    The Sondai Fort Trekking costs INR 749 per adult inclusive of 15% discount that turns out to be the best price guarantee. You will also get the instant confirmation voucher via email after successful booking through Thrillophilia. And, the package includes activity, meals, pick-up & drop-off to the base village, safety and expertise.

    During the Sondai Fort trek, delicious breakfast and lunch will get served to you along with evening tea & snacks that make the journey more delightful. On the safety terms, You will be equipped with the safety equipment and first-aid kit.

    Which meals are included in Sondai Fort trek package?

    You will be served with flavorous meals in the form of complimentary breakfast and lunch, Then in the evening, Sondai Fort trek package lets you grab evening tea with delectable snacks to make your experience more thrilling and magical.

    How do I get to Sondai Fort?

    The nearest station is Karjat Railway station which is easily accessible from Mumbai, Pune and Thane. Although, the direct bus is not available till the base of Sondai Fort one can catch ST Bus to Boregaon Pahata and hail a vehicle to reach the destination.

    Sondai Fort Trek package offer pick-up and drop-off facility from Karjat Railway Station.

    Is there mobile network connectivity at Sondai Fort?

    Yes, the mobile network connectivity is available at Sondai Fort but the signal availability and the strength of the signal vary from one service provider to another. But, it is also worth to disconnect from the world and soal in the lap of nature.

    How far is Sondai Fort from Pune?

    The Sondai Fort is 100 KM far from Pune which takes approximately 2 hours 14 minutes. Sondai Fort Trek package offer pick-up and drop-off facilities from Karjat Railway Station while booking it through Thrillophilia.

    What is the pickup point for Sondai Fort trekking tour?

    The pick-up point for Sondai Fort trekking tour is Karjat Railway Station where you will meet your companions your fellow trekkers and proceed to the base village via shared transportation. Before heading, a short introductory session will be followed so that you can get to know about your fellow trekkers.

    On the other hand, breakfast will be served to keep you energised during the journey.

    What is the best time for Sondai Fort Trek?

    The best time for Sondai Fort Trek is during the monsoon season from June to January because this magnificent fort offers splendid views during monsoons. And, the trekking on the luxuriant green hills while goggling at the raw beauty of nature around.

    During this rainy season, you will encounter the rare species of birds and experience the charm of lush greenery.

    How far is Sondai Fort from Mumbai?

    Sondai Fort is 62.2 KM from Mumbai which approximately takes 1 hour 30 minutes. And, the nearest station is Karjat Railway Station which is easily accessible from Mumbai but the direct bus is not available till the base of Sondai Fort.

    You can catch ST bus to Boregaon Phata and walk 5 KM to reach Sondewadi village and hail any vehicle to reach your destination.

    What is Sondai Fort trekking time?

    The start time for Sondai Fort trekking is 8:00 AM and the end time is 7:00 PM. And the duration of trekking is 11 hours which is an ideal trek for the first-timers and beginners.

    Sondai Fort Trek Blog | Sondewadi | Monsoon Trek from Pune & Mumbai

    The peaceful hills surround a Monsoon trek to Sondai Fort, close to the Morbe Lake Dam, near Karjat. Go trekking near Mumbai & Pune. Sondai fort is a hidden beauty of Karjat. This Fort is a part of the Matheran range. This is one of the best treks to visit during monsoons near Mumbai. Sondai is the name of Devi and hence the mountain named Sondai fort, which was a watchtower. Our blog is better than Sondai fort wikipedia.

    Sondai is not a famous or unknown fort, stands approx 6 km of Karjat overlooking the Karjat-Chauk highway, and offers a beautiful view of Morbe Dam, Prabalgad. If you're a person who loves to be surrounded by the peaceful hills, explore new places, and discover different people's lifestyle, then the Sondai Fort trek is a must for you!

    A quaint fort nestled in the Sahyadri mountain ranges, Sondai is not known by the many; therefore, it provides a soulful trekking experience to its climbers with a rustic, old-world charm. 

    Sondai fort is a fragment of the Matheran mountain range yet unique from other defenses; There is no fortification existing apart from some water cisterns on Sondai Killa. Sondaigad provides a great 360 view of the surrounding mountains and Morbe Dam water source for Navi Mumbai.

    Sondai is a fort, but there is no evidence of parapets or structures, the top of the defense is a flat plateau with no concrete ruins. Back in the day, it was used as a watchtower, now a pilgrimage site for locals. The reason being it stands 6 kilometers west of Karjat overlooking the Karjat-Chowk highway. Sondai Killa an extremely strategic location for surveillance.

    Although slight in surface area, the summit plateau of Sondai wraps in the magnanimous sights of Morbe Dam, Prabalgad, Irshalgad, Karnala fort, Rajmachi, Songiri forts, and Matheran mountain ranges, big things come in small packages.

    Along with the Morbe Dam, which is spread like an open waterbody straight out of an Atlas, on a crisp morning with vivid blue skies, Sondai also blesses us with splendid views of Varvale Reservoir. 

    Maharashtra has numerous hamlets, and each of them has a local deity that is worshipped by the natives. Usually, the forts in Maharashtra derive their names from these local deities. The village of Sondewadi pays its respects to goddess Sondai Devi, hence the name Sondai Fort. 

    There is a small temple of Goddess Sondai on the summit of Sondai Fort. There is a small Sondai Devi idol. However, there is no temple-like structure, but the tree under which the model is placed serves as its temple. 

    Sondai fort trek commences from Sondewadi village. The base village of Sondewadi stands on a substantial stature. The trekking course is well-defined and straightforward till the topmost point, Sondai fort. The trail passes through jungle, rock patches, multiple iron ladders, and grassy fields.

    It is a simple 1-1.5 hrs hike from the base village of Sondewadi and idyllic for novices or those who are trekking after a long time. Overall, it is a perfect one-day hike for tenderfoots who have stepped into the trekking world. 

    There are two water storage tanks on the plateau at the foot of the pinnacle, and steps are cut out of huge boulders to reach the summit where an idol of Sondai Devi stands. After climbing the carved stairs, one can see a dried cistern; on the right side, a ladder is available to ascend. 

    Sondai fort is a veiled delight of Karjat. It is not a popular destination, yet it will take your breath away without a doubt! A part of the Matheran range is one of the best treks to visit all-round near Mumbai and Pune.

    Activity Trekking

    Destination Maharashtra

    Duration 1 Day

    Pick-Up Location

    People Who have registered With Transportation for Sondai Fort Trek Karjat From Mumbai 2023 

    Cancellation Policy:
    • 75% refund if notified via phone conversation 8 or more days prior to the event date.
    • 50 % refund if notified via phone conversation 4 to 7 days prior to the event date.
    • No refund if the cancellation requested is less than 3 days prior to the event date
    • No show No Refund.
    • Event Tickets cannot be transferred to another date against cancellation.
    • Event Tickets can be transferred to another person against cancellation.

    Terms and conditions

    1. Rs.500 Advance payment is Non Refundable.
    2. If you are not feeling well already then kindly do not book the tickets.
    3. Seats are on the basis on 1st come - 1st serve basis. While returning also you have to sit on your initial Seat.
    4. Please carry a valid ID proof along with you.
    5. Tickets once booked cannot be exchanged
    6. Hiking / Trekking / Rock climbing is an adventurous activity and accidents can happen in spite of taking utmost caution and care. Bhatakna Tours & Travels are not responsible for any injury or damage occurring due to the event. 
    7. Participants with any medical issues /history are not allowed to opt for this event. If he/she does so that it is done at the participant's risk. The management won't be responsible for any incident.
    8. Smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited.
    9. Leaders’ decisions will be final and binding.
    10. Participants or Members are responsible for his/her own safety and baggage.
    11. Team reserves all the right to change/deviate/cancel the plans without prior notice.