The journey only requires you to put one foot in front of the other...again and again and again. And if you allow yourself the opportunity to be present throughout the entirety of the trek, you will witness beauty every step of the way, not just at the summit

Visapur Fort is located in the Pune district of Maharashtra. Attaining a height of 1,084m, this historic fortress was built during the late 1713-1720s. Steeped in history and some of the glorious tales of the past, this historic fort was built by the first Peshwa of the valorous Maratha Empire. But was later conquered by the British in 1818. Visapur Fort is larger and at a higher elevation than its twin fort- Lohagad. These two roofless buildings surrounded by outer or veranda walls said to have once been Government offices. There is a well which local legend says was built by the Pandavas. In 1885, near the north wall there was an iron gun ten feet long and of four-inch bore, marked with the

Tudor Rose and Crown, flanked by the letters E. R. This is probably a gun of Queen Elizabeth’s reign probably taken as bounty from an English ship and presented to the Peshwa Khanoji Angre or some other commander of the Maratha navy. Like other guns on the fort, it has been disabled by breaking off its trunnions. Close to it are the remains of an old Mahadev shrine.

Who Should Attend ?

Everyone can enjoy the Visapur fort trek in monsoons as there is water gushing through the steps while you trek. After the 30-40mins trail, there is a plateau covered with lush greenery. You can also spot Lohagad, Tikona, and Tung Forts, and the expressway. 

Best suited for groups, solo trekkers, corporates, couples, and families.

Discount Cost for Visapur Monsoon Trek 2024

  • Cost without transport: Rs. 699/- per person
  • Cost with transport Mumbai: Rs. 1199/- per person
  • Cost with transport Pune: Rs. 1199/- per person
1 Day Available on request Visapur, Lonavala, Maharashtra
What makes this tour special

A lonely trail to the ruins of Visapur

  • Places visit in lonavala
  • Visapur Fort was built between 1713-1720 CE by Balaji Vishwanath, the first Peshwa of the Maratha Empire. In 1818, Visapur was attacked and occupied. Considering the strategic importance of Visapur, both the north (Konkan) and the south (Deccan) gateways were blown up. Except for a few huts, nothing was left standing.
  • Do this trek for the waterfall trail in monsoon and views from the plateau on top.
  • This is an easy, monsoon trek close to the Mumbai-Pune express highway
Dates and Rates
date & duration price
  • Sorry no more departures available. You could get in touch with us at bookings@bhatakna.com if you'd like to make a booking.
  • Itinerary

    Mumbai Visapur fort Trek Detailed Itinerary

    05:30 AM: Meet the team at Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Borivali.

    05:10 AM: Settle down our private vehicle as we start our journey towards the base Village.

    06:00 AM: Andheri (East) Bisleri Factory

    06:10 AM: Pick up at Kalanagar bus stop (on the highway), Bandra.

    06:20 AM: Pick up at Sion station circle.

    06:30 AM: Pick up at Chembur near K-Star Mall

    06:45 AM: Pick up at Vashi (Below Main Bridge near Vashi Plaza

    07:00 AM: Pick up at Kalamboli (Mc Donald’s)

    09:00 AM: Participants travelling by their own vehicles gather outside the base village. (our trek leader would be waiting for you all.)

    09:30 AM: Reach Base village and Enjoy breakfast

    10:00 AM: Post Introduction Start our trek.

    01:00 PM: We reach the Top you will get a beautiful view & foggy clouds to capture some pictures to store it as a memory.

    02:00 PM: We start our descent. Finally, you get a view of the surroundings you climbed through in the morning.

    04:00 PM: Reach the Base Village and enjoy Local Maharashtrian Lunch.

    05:30 PM: Leave for Mumbai

    09:00 PM: Adios! Back to the mundane city life.

    Pune Visapur fort Trek Detailed Itinerary

    Note pune participants have to book 699 package from website to join the trek

    Take a local train from pune and reach Malavli is the nearest Railway Station. 

    09:30 AM: Reach base village bhaje.

    09:30 AM: Have breakfast

    10:00 AM: Start our trek to the summit via the waterfall route

    12:00 PM: Reach Visapur Fort

    12:00 PM: 01:00 PM: Relax and explore the fort

    01:00 PM: Start descending via the same route

    02:00 PM: Reach Base Village

    03:00 PM: Have Lunch

    04:00 PM: Depart for Pune

    07:00 PM: Reach Pune

    What we'll give. What we won't

    What is included in the tour

    • 1 Veg / nonveg / jain lunch.
    • 1 Veg breakfast.
    • Traveling from Mumbai & Pune to Lonavala & back.
    • Safety & first aid.
    • Fort entry fees.
    • Experienced bhatakna representatives.

    What is NOT included in the tour

    • Any personal expenses such as soft drinks etc.
    • Anything other than above mentioned inclusion.
    Things To Carry

    (Highly Required and Mandatory Things)

    • ID proof
    • backpack (waterproof or covered with waterproof cover) 
    • trekking shoes or any sports shoes with a Good grip
    • Trekking pants (compulsory), 2 T-Shirts (Preferably full sleeves or Half T-shirt with sleeves), Raincoat/ waterproof jacket/ windcheater, Handnapkin/Towel, etc
    • Water 2-3 liters.
    • Ready to eat food like plum cakes, Dry fruits, dry snacks and biscuits, Chikki, chocolate bars, etc.
    • Torch 
    • Personal Medicines and Personal First aid 

    (Required but Optional Things)

    • To change after trekking - Facewash, Extra pants/ shorts, Extra T-shirt, sleeper/ floaters, an extra bag to carry your trekking shoes, innerwear, etc
    • Sweater For bus journey
    • Electoral or Glucose D powder. 
    • Portable Phone Charger, Earphones, etc.
    • Sun protection cap, sunglasses, Sunscreen lotion, toothbrush-toothpaste, etc
    • Proper face mask or shield 
    • Sanitizer 
    • Extra Pair of clothes.

    (Note: Please wear Full sleeves and Full Track Pant,  this will protect your body and skin from Sun / Thorns / Insects / Prickles, etc)

    Additional Information
    • There is no freshen up / washroom / Toilet facility on the Mountain only Available at the Base Village.
    • Avoid carrying heavy weight for the trek.
    • Floaters and Sandals are not allowed, please wear sports shoes or trekking shoes of good quality.
    Safety Measures
    • Put clothes, money, camera, phone etc in polythenes while packing
    • Use repellents to keep bugs away Make note of nearest railway station, bus stop, taxi stand etc.
    • Do not stray away from your group during the trek Keep family & friends informed about your whereabouts
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can we drive till Malavli? Pune to Lohagad Visapur Distance?

    Yes, you can drive till base village, please use google maps for navigation. 
    Note roads from Malavli till Base village Lohagadwadi is in very bad condition and you would need SUV as the incline is too steep. 
    Distance is around 71 kilometers to Lohagadwadi.
    2. Distance Visapur Fort from Mumbai to Malavali?

    Two and a half hours drive from Mumbai 100 km approx.
    3. Distance Visapur Fort from Pune to Malavali? Pune to Visapur fort Distance? 

    Two hours drive from Pune - 65 km approx.
    4. The number of days required for this event?

    One day is required for the event. 
    You can plan the Saturday Visapur trek route and follow by Sunday the Lohagad trek route.
    Visapur Fort Night stay is banned by the Archeological Survey of India and the local Forest and Police department. 
    5. Is there food available on Visapur fort Pune?

    No. Food is available at base village.
    On weekends locals sell snacks on this Sahyadri Fort.
    During our event, your meals are managed by bhatakna
    Jain food is available kindly inform us of your food preference in comments at the time of booking. 
    6. How much time required to climb the Visapur fort trek route?

    Two to three hours from the Malvali Village.
    We will take a trek route near Lohagadwadi it takes one hour to reach Visapur Shikhar from this trek route. 
    Visapur Fort in Rainy Season is slippery please wear shoes with a good sole grip. You will be trekking at Visapur Fort Waterfall. 
    We will be taking the Visapur waterfall route to summit the fort. 
    Visapur Fort Trek Difficulty Level easy to medium grade
    7. Where can we park our cars, Visapur Fort Trekking?

    Bhaje village parking base village at your own risk. 
    Parking fee payable to local people at 
    8. Is there any parking charge?

    Yes, payable to local people. 
    9. Are toilets available on Visapur Fort in Monsoon?

    Not available on the Fort
    During the trek, toilets are not available.
    The restaurant for breakfast and Lunch has toilets and a changing room.
    10. Do Single travellers female sign up for these events?

    We have 60 - 40 % or more Male
    Female ratios on our events.
    Many Single Travelling Female join our events.
    Visapur Lohagarh Fort Pune are safe treks for solo female trekkers 
    11. Are Kids allowed on treks?

    Kids below 15 with Parents supervision only
    Please call us before making a booking
    12. What type of food will be provided?

    Only Veg local home-cooked food is available.
    Jain food is available kindly inform us at the time of booking in comments. 
    13. Phone Connectivity?

    Limited phone connectivity is available for most cellular services.
    Visapur Sahyadri Fort summit good phone connectivity is available. 
    14. Is cash payment or spot payment accepted?

    Cash payment is not accepted.
    Registration against 100% upfront payment only via Paytm / UPI / NEFT / IMPS /  Payment Gateway.
    On the spot payment not accepted.
    We need to book in advance bus/jeep and make other arrangements upfront payment is a must.
    15. Will I get bottled water?

    Normal well water shall be provided
    Please carry reusable water bottles you can refill them at the restaurant. 
    16. Can I charge my phone?

    No electricity or charging station available
    Please carry a power bank if required.
    17. How is the Visapur Fort weather?

    18 degrees to 26 degrees Visapur Fort Malavli, Maharashtra weather during monsoon, Thunderstorms, Foggy, Low visibility, 90 to 100 percent precip, 90 to 100 percent humidity.
    Monsoon rains very heavily please double pack your expensive phones and gadgets
    Summer Temperature Night 20C - Day 39°C approx.
    18. Can we smoke or drink alcohol?

    NO. People caught smoking or drinking alcohol will be asked to exit the event on an immediate basis.
    19. Can we listen to music on Bluetooth speakers or earphones or headphones?

    Listening to music on earphones or Bluetooth speaker is not allowed while trekking
    Bluetooth speaker not allowed inside homestay, jeep ride.
    You should enjoy the sounds of nature during the trek 
    Trek Leaders constantly communicate with trekkers you will vital communications. 
    20. How do I make payment for Visapur trek from Pune?

    You can pay online on our website click on the book now button.
    In case your question is not listed above you can email us bhatakna.com@gmail.com
    Whatsapp us 8850258278
    21. Visapur fort Camping?

    Camping is not allowed on the Visapur Pune. 
    Stay and Camping options are available at the base villages around the fort please contact us for camping and trekking arrangements. To register for Visapur Fort near Pune events please call us 8828004949. Visapur adventure camping can be arranged near the fort it can be combined with Lohgad fort trekking. It is available post-monsoon season during winter and summer months only. 
    22. Hotels near Visapur Fort Maharashtra? Stay near visapur fort?

    There are many options available for a stay like Tikona Camping, Lohagad wadi camping, visapur lohagad adventure camping, pawna lake camping, Lonavala hilltop camping, Rajmachi camping, and homestay.
     Lonavala has many bungalows and hotels available from one star to five stars depending on your budget. We can help you manage your stay please contact us at 8828004949.
    23. How can I go to Lonavala from Visapur fort from Pune?

    By car, you drive down straight for Malavali and turn towards to Bhaje village. You can park your car here and trek starts from the parking area. 
    By Bus, Take an Asiad or ST bus from Swargate at Pune and get down at the Malavali bus stop. 
    Use a share auto costing Rs 40 per person or walk the 2.5 km down.
    Local train: Take the local train to Lonavala, which runs every hour
    Lonavala to visapur fort locals jeeps are available. 

    There are three trekking routes for Visapur Fort one from Gaimukh Khind, Patan Village, Bhaja Caves depending on your choice you can proceed further from Malvali

    Bhatakna is the leading trekking group in Pune for Self-operated treks.

    24. How can I go to the Visapur fort monsoon? How to reach the Visapur fort from Mumbai?

    By Rail: The best way to reach the Visapur fort by rail is to catch a direct train to the Lonavala railway station, which is well connected to nearby cities and towns. From the station, hire a cab, Visapur fort distance from Lonavala 15 km. Visapur fort distance from Pune is 70 km by road. Visapur fort distance from Mumbai 80 km. 

    25. Fort in Lonavala Visapur Fort images?

    Kindly click on the banner image to load the Visapur Fort photos. Visapur trek blog

    26. Best time to visit Visapur Fort?

    Visapur Fort in Summer will be hot for trekking as there is very little tree cover on the fort. Night treks are not allowed at Visapur Fort. Monsoon and Winter season will be the best time to visit Visapur fort. Lohagad Visapur trek Pune can be completed in one day if you are a fast trekker. Lohghad fort to Visapur fort trek is popular among range trekkers.

    27. Visapur Fort History

    Visapur Fort established between 1713 - 1720 CE by Balaji Vishwanath the first Peshwa of the Maratha Empire. Visapur Killa constructed after Lohagad Fort though the history of the Lohgad Visapur are connected. In the year 1818, The English made proper arrangements to capture Lohagad Pune where the famed treasury of the Maratha Kingdown kept. The British East India Company was looking to reduce the Peshwa Forts in Maharashtra. The English sent 380 European soldiers and 800 local soldiers and a famous battering train called from Konkan. The English added more artillery from Chakan and two more British Battalions, Visapur Fort was overwhelmed and conquered by 4 March 1818. 

    Making use of its higher elevation and proximity to Lohagad, the British troops set up their cannons on Visapur and bombarded Lohagad, forcing the Marathas to flee. Visapur Fort is at a Higher elevation than Lohagad fort. In the year 1818 Visapur Lohagad Twin forts went under the command of Colonel Prother. Considering the vital location fo Visapur, the Deccan gateway and North Konkan gateways were destroyed by the British.  Most of the principal buildings blown up on the fort. Lohgad Fort Pune is still intact after the surrender. Lohagarh Fort Maharashtra is a fine example for Maratha architecture the gates of the forts are good condition and have detailed carvings.  

    28. Visapur Fort Night trek?

    Trekkers are not allowed to visit the fort at night, camping is also banned on the fort. The local forest department and ASI have placed heavy fines and punishment. 

    29. Best time to visit the Fort?

    Visapur Monsoon Trek is the best time to visit the fort. The route leads through a waterfall and there are many small waterfalls at the plateau. The famous images of Visapur are clicked on the rock-cut steps with water overflowing them. During the winter season, you can see the fort in detail as there is no fog covering the mountain. Summer months it will be difficult as there is very little tree cover on top of the fort.  

    30. Visapur fort how to reach?

    You will meet our trek leader at Lonavala Railway station from here we will move towards our restaurant in a private jeep. After finishing breakfast we will start the trek from the restaurant. The trek route is medium difficulty and short there will be crowds on the weekend. After we finish the trek we will descend to the restaurant located near the start point of the trek. After Lunch and changing into dry clothes we will move to Lonavala railway station by our private jeeps. Incase jeeps are late due to heavy traffic or bad weather participant are requested to cooperate with trek leaders. 

    31. Visapur waterfall trek

    There are many waterfalls on the fort, We will take the waterfall trail it takes 45 minutes to climb through this route till the gate of the fort. After walking a little ahead we will visit the most famous rock-cut steps and Visapur Waterfall on the fort. A huge Lord Hanuman Carving and cave is available next to the waterfall. Visapur Maharashtra India is famous for foggy trails, waterfall, and mountain covered in the cloud.  

    32. Visapur Trek Route

    There are three Visapur trek routes to the top of the fort one from Patan Village, another from Bhaja Caves, and the third one from Gaimukh Khind. Patan Village route is not popular among trekkers and can be difficult to trace. Bhaja caves route to Visapur fort is the second most popular route. Gaimukh Khind which starts near Lohagadwadi is the most popular trek route it is also called the waterfall trek. This route was destroyed by the British now during monsoon season a waterfall flows through the trekking route. 

    33. Visapur trek in monsoon

    The Fort comes to life during the monsoon season. Many waterfall start flowing again, the cool refreshing monsoon breeze takes over the region. You can smell the wet soil and hear the chirping of birds around you. With the Monsoon arrival, trekkers also return to the Fort in large numbers. Supplementing the income of locals who depend on seasonal tourism. You can see many forts from the plateau Lohagad trekking, Korigad Fort, Mumbai Pune Expressway, Tikona Fort, Pawna Lake, Tung Fort are visible from the fort. Monsoon is the best time for treks near Lonavala. Many villagers live near the start point of the trek they provide changing rooms and food with locals setting up small stalls on the fort selling sweet corn, Maggi, tea. Malavli waterfall is a popular destination near Bhaja caves among trekkers during the rainy season trek. 

    34. Visapur Trek from Mumbai

    We help corporate, large groups, colleges, schools arrange the trek from Mumbai. We have plans available from Mumbai and Pune. Our open plans are available on the website for everyone to register. Please call us for any questions or quotations. 

    35. Hotels near Visapur fort Lonavala? Resorts near Visapur fort?

    Lonavala has a huge collection of hotels and resorts available for all budgets here is our list.

    Fariyas Resort Lonavala 5 star property 
    Hotel Chandralok
    Upperdeck Resort
    The Machan 
    Basilica Holiday Home
    Cloud 9 Hills Resort
    Club Mahindra Tungi Resort
    Amanzi Resort
    Le Farm Luxury Farmstay
    Pawna Lake Camping
    36.Places near Visapur fort?

    There are many exciting places to spend your weekend near the Visapur Fort you can visit The Patan Caves, Bedse Caves, Karla Caves, Bhaja Caves. You can enjoy camping at Pawna Lake. There is Pawna Lake Paragliding, Kamshet Paragliding available. You can combine your trek with Lohagad Fort Trek, Rajmachi Fort Trek, Tung Fort Trek, Tikona Fort Trek, Korigad Fort Trek some of the popular Fort in Maharashtra. There beautiful waterfalls like Kataldhar Waterfall, Malavali Waterfall, Bhaja Waterfall, Lohagad waterfall, Dudhiware Waterfall, Kune Waterfall. 

    37. How to reach Visapur fort?

    Trekking at Lonavala has become the goto activity among the youth of Maharashtra. We have mentioned the train timings from Pune and Mumbai to reach Lonavala for the Fort Trek. From Lonavala, we will start our journey in our private jeeps till the base village. Our trek leader will guide you from Lonavala. After the trek is complete we will drop you back to Lonavala station with Happy memories. 

    38. How to reach Visapur fort from Mumbai?

    Incase planning to go on this trek by yourself please read the complete Visapur trek blog. You can also follow the itinerary above and manage the trek from Malavli Station. Where is Visapur fort we get this question a lot it is located at Malavli near Bhaja Caves? How to reach Visapur fort from Pune same please follow our itinerary in case you are attempting by yourself our blog will help you plan it. 

    Cancellation Policy:
    • 75% refund if notified via phone conversation 8 or more days prior to the event date.
    • 50 % refund if notified via phone conversation 4 to 7 days prior to the event date.
    • No refund if the cancellation requested is less than 3 days prior to the event date
    • No show No Refund.
    • Event Tickets cannot be transferred to another date against cancellation.
    • Event Tickets can be transferred to another person against cancellation.

    Terms and conditions

    1. Rs.500 Advance payment is Non Refundable.
    2. If you are not feeling well already then kindly do not book the tickets.
    3. Seats are on the basis on 1st come - 1st serve basis. While returning also you have to sit on your initial Seat.
    4. Please carry a valid ID proof along with you.
    5. Tickets once booked cannot be exchanged
    6. Hiking / Trekking / Rock climbing is an adventurous activity and accidents can happen in spite of taking utmost caution and care. Bhatakna Tours & Travels are not responsible for any injury or damage occurring due to the event. 
    7. Participants with any medical issues /history are not allowed to opt for this event. If he/she does so that it is done at the participant's risk. The management won't be responsible for any incident.
    8. Smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited.
    9. Leaders’ decisions will be final and binding.
    10. Participants or Members are responsible for his/her own safety and baggage.
    11. Team reserves all the right to change/deviate/cancel the plans without prior notice.