Velas Turtle Festival, Ratnagiri Overview

Come March, the sleepy little village of Velas in the Konkan belt of Maharashtra throngs with travellers for the ‘Velas turtle festival,’ an annual event dedicated to the conservation of Olive Ridley turtles. Held at the Velas beach of Ratnagiri, 200 kms from Pune, the Velas turtle festival has been gaining much popularity in the eco-tourism sector both nationally and internationally. While the activities of conservation of turtle eggs take place at the beach, the natives of the pristine coastal village offer visitors many exhilarant local activities and culinary experiences, turning the festival into a cherish worthy multi-day event.

The laying of eggs usually begins from February, and the process of turtles coming to the beach to the hatching of the eggs continues through April. The festival, mostly a conservation event of sea turtles and a celebration of its natural process breeding, do not have any set dates. However, the activities and tourist influx are at its peak during March and April.

Where is the Festival Held? - Venue Details 

The Velas Turtle Festival is held at the beach of Velas in Ratnagiri, 200 kms from Pune.

Velas turtle festival is one of the most celebrated eco-festival in India - an event that sees tourists, travellers and volunteers throng from around the globe. Some come to care for the tiny turtle hatchlings, some to capture in their frames the little two-legged creatures crawl their way to the ocean, and some for the wholesome eco-tourism experience by the beach!

It is a memorable experience for travellers — one that lets them enjoy their time while also give back to society and mother nature. The advent of the festival has led to the economic upliftment of the villages around the Velas beach, needless to say, the number of sea turtles has grown invariably.

An experience of the turtle festival is also ideal for children. For the young ones, otherwise buried in the digital universe of tablets and cell-phones, this festival is a welcome episode amid nature.


  • Traveling by A/C Tempo traveler or bus with Pick up and Drop Bus Timings Are Given above For Convenience.
  • Hatching is the natural process. Organizers wont be responsible for no hatching or less number.
  • Event are xed as per post discussion with local only.
  • Maximum batch size is 30 rst come rst basis.

Who Should Attend?
Best suited for groups, solo trekkers, corporates, couples, families.

Cost For Velas Turtle Festival 2024

  1. Per Person By AC Bus Mumbai to Mumbai 5 Years & Above : ₹ 3299/- 
  2. Per Person Coming direct to base village : ₹ 1800/-
2 Nights 2 Days Available on request
What makes this tour special
  • Baby Olive Ridley tules
  • A typical village life on a calm sea beach
  • A refreshing surrounding
  • Bankot Fort
  • Ferry Ride
  • Konkani Food
  • Harihareshwar Temple
Dates and Rates
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    Travel Schedule For Velas Kasav Mahotsav 2023

    We’ll be boarding A/C bus from our nearest pick-up point. Bus timings are shared below for convenience:
    (Report at Borivali National Park by 09:00 PM)

    Meeting Point : Borivali National Park 09:00 PM

    Check our Pune Batches


    Day 0:
    09:00 pm Depart for Velas in a A/C bus (We will manage pick-ups from pre-decided locations depending upon the Traffic)

    Day 1:
    05:45 am Arrive in Velas and head to the beach to see the hatching and release of the turtles.
    08:00 am Return back to the village, breakfast and time for leisure.
    11:00 am Visit the strategically built Himmatgad Fort which overlooks the sea and the Bankot creek.
    01:00 pm Lunch time
    03:00 pm Explore the areas around Velas.
    06:00 pm Velas Beach for the release of turtles. Fun at the beach.
    08:30 pm Dinner. Overnight stay in Velas, fun, games and some rest for sure.

    Day 2:
    06:00 am Turtle release on Velas Beach by Kasav Mitra Mandal.
    08:30 am Breakfast followed by some leisure time to explore the village
    10:00 am Head to Harihareshwar via the Bankot-Bagmandla Ferry boat.
    12:00 pm Explore Harihareshwar Beach.
    02:00 pm Lunch at Harihareshwar And continue our journey towards Mumbai.
    10:00 pm Reach Mumbai and bid adieu with a promise to meet soon.

    There Can be delays due to bad road conditions, bus breakdown, Health issues of fellow group travellers & break for the driver.


    What we'll give. What we won't

    What is included in the tour

    • Travelling from Borivali and back by AC Private Bus
    • Dormitory Accommodation Stay In Konkani Homestay.
    • Sightseeing as per the Itinerary.
    • Day 1 Saturday:- Breakfast, Veg Lunch , Veg & Non-veg Dinner (Jain available)
    • Day 2 Sunday:- Breakfast.
    • Ferryboat Charges
    • Festival Entry charges
    • Bhatakna Expertise Representative.

    What is NOT included in the tour

    • Any personal expenses such as soft drinks etc.
    • Day 2:- Lunch
    • Camera charges
    • Anything other than above mentioned inclusion
    Things To Carry
    • ID Card
    • Camera (Optional)
    • Enerzyl Powder or Glucon D powder
    • Snacks & Biscuits
    • Extra Pair of Clothes
    • Clean napkin or small towel
    • Comfortable Footwear.
    • Cap, Sunglasses, scarf
    • Haversack or Backpack (No sling bags)
    • Mosquito repellent cream
    • Please carry Personal medicines if you need any
    Additional Information


    Place : Village Velas, Taluka – Mandangad, District - Ratnagiri, Maharashtra , in the western costal region of India.

    Velas turtle festival is a popular annual festival where new born baby turtles are released back to sea. Tourists and photographers enjoy the time watching baby turtles take first steps of their life towards sea and then start their long journey of life which is full of challenges. Velas beach and Velas village also offers a great ecotourism experience for all visitors and its a great fun spending your time at Velas in that rustic and cozy village life. However it is highly important to note down a few things in order to make sure that your tour will be full of fun, hassle free and will not give you any unwanted set back. So here are a few quick tips to make your velas tour memorable

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Read More on Velas Turtle Festival 

    About Olive Ridleys Turtles 

    The Olive Ridleys turtles had been declared 'endangered' long back. Hence Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra(SNM), a nonprofit organisation joined hands with Marine Conservation Society and the local community in 1992 and since then, have dedicatedly worked towards the conservation of this exotic species of turtle. 

    Mostly during February and March, a number of Olive Ridleys come to the western coast of Maharashtra to lay eggs, of which, 40% proceeds to the beach of Velas. The sea turtles reach the beach late at night, and each female lays around 80-120 eggs, which are then guarded against predators and poachers by a group of dedicated volunteers. 

    The eggs were previously sold in the open markets or destroyed by dogs, but this conservation effort ensured a sizable rise of the Ridley family. The volunteers immerse the eggs into a safer nest in the sand, and after an incubation period of 40 days the hatchlings emerge and makes their way to their home in the ocean.

    The releasing of hundreds of turtles into the ocean is one of the most delightful sights to behold - an event that attracts nature lovers, first-time visitors, and shutterbugs alike. The releasing of turtles takes place twice a day, once under the gleaming rays of the morning sun, and once again in the sultry evenings. 

    Added to this unique spectacle is the unforgettable eco-village experience, where visitors can stay at the home of the locals and interact with the people of the coastal village.

    Eco-tourism Trip and Awareness

    Velas Turtle Festival is not just about little turtles hatching season and the beautiful beaches, there something more to it. Olive Ridley Turtles are one of the more endangered species of turtle. To protect and conserve these turtles, the Marine Conservation Society hosts this turtle festival at Velas every year to spread awareness and promote eco-tourism.

    Question 1: Can we get a separate room or family room at Velas Tule Festival Homestay?
    Answer: Currently, we are only conducting group events, and due to the heavy rush on weekends, we can only oer dormitory homestays at Velas Village.
    Velas Tule Festival Homestay, Our Velas tule festival accommodation is a dormitory with large halls. We have separate rooms available for Men and Women. Velas beach reso is not available at Velas Beach Ratnagiri or Velas village. Resos are available in Dapoli or Harihareshwar only.

    Question 2: Where can I nd olive ridley tules on Konkan coast?
    Answer: Apa from Velas Maharashtra, Olive Ridley tules can be found at many beautiful beaches along the Konkan coast, few beaches mentioned here. Guhagar Beach, Harihar Beach, Velas Agar Beach, Anjarle Beach, Wayangani Beach Vengurla. Best in all, the beaches of the Konkan coast.
    Some of the best beaches are available close by Diveghar Beach, Shirvardhan Beach, Harihareshwar Beach, Bankot beach, Kelshi Beach, Anjarle Beach, Karde Beach, Harney Beach, Ladheghar Beach, Ganapatipule beach. Due to limited time on tour, we will be covering only Harihareshwar Beach and Velas Beach. Many olive ridley tules conservation projects are active on the Konkan coastline; only a few are open for tourists by the forest depament and olive ridley tules conservation team.

    Question 3: The food at Velas Village Homestay Food?
    Answer: We provide locally cooked Jain, Veg, Non-veg food at our Velas Tule Festival stay. Food quality is the same meal that locals cook for themselves; it is Konkani cuisine. Velas homestay owners are famous for their hospitality, food, tourist ock during the tule festival in Velas.
    Questions 4: Are toilets available and a bathing facility?
    Answer: A bathing facility is available, and a hot water facility is unavailable. Toilets are the eastern commode.
    Velas beach lines have no toilet facility. Tourism is open for a few limited months in the Village, so most homestays are very basic. Tule Festival at Velas Every year, thousands of tourists from India ock to this vibrant coastal Village for the annual festival.

    Question 5: Velas Village mobile connectivity? l
    Answer: The range is available in a few spots near the Village, and Idea sim cards have a good range. There is load Shedding, and carry power bank electricity is unavailable for some periods due to load shedding at Velas Village. Bankot fo has good mobile connectivity and Harihareshwar beach.

    Question 6: What are the things to do at Velas Tule Festival?
    Answer: Some fun things to do during Kasav Festival Velas Village. Bird Watching, you can spot my dierent species of birds and play competition who spots the most dierent birds and identies them. Fireies in Velas Village are visible in the evening at ceain spots. Enjoy the village life at Velas beach Konkan Homestay stay.
    Bankot Fo Ratnagiri historical very impoant as the rst residency of East India British Company in India, Taking pa in Tule Festival Velas Village, Night walk around the coastal road, Relaxing by the beach and watching sunrise and Sunset.
    Watching Dolphins in the sea from Velas beach and Harihareshwar beach. You can visit the Anjarle Tule festival around 40 km from Velas. Anjarle beach is an untouched and charming Village. Many homestays are available right where the beach ends. Boat ride to Suvarnadurg Fo, watch the sh auction at Harney Beach. Darshan at Harihareshwar temple and shop local produce from the market.

    Question 7: Velas Tule Festival Timings or Velas Kasav Jatra timing? Velas Tule Hatching release timings?
    Answer: It would be best if you reached Velas beach at 6.30 am. For evening Velas tule release arrive at the beach at 5.30 pm. Locals release Velas tule festival 2022 dates, the forest depament and the Kasav Mitra Mandal Velas conservation team. Baby olive ridley tules are released around Sunrise and Sunset every day.